Cowardly EA Strikes YouTuber for FIFA 20 Criticism

Companies mentioned: Electronic Arts
Games mentioned: FIFA 20

It’s no secret that FIFA 20 is not popular amongst fans of the series as it currents sit at a User Score of 1.1 on Metacritic.

However, In order to quell the criticism towards FIFA 20, Electronic Arts have resorted to some unacceptable tactics in abusing the copyright system on YouTube to strike down multiple videos from popular FIFA YouTuber Kurt0411.

In a tweet which has garnered 2k retweets and over 13k likes, Kurt wrote on Twitter:

“Warning to anyone that intends to call out EA on their BS… They will now copy-strike your content and try to get your channels deleted. This is a tyranny that will stop at nothing. I surrender”


It should be made clear, as a disclaimer, that Kurt was a professional FIFA player who competed in events run by EA, before he was banned by EA for numerous code of conduct violations towards other players at the events. However, this in no way justifies EA abusing YouTube’s copyright system to silence its critics. This incident with Kurt comes after gamers have been vocally critical of EA for some time over the way it treats its community.

Last year, EA won a Guinness World Record for the most downvoted Reddit comment in history when it infamously responded to player complaints about having to unlock characters in Star Wars Battlefront 2 through loot boxes by doubling down on the consumer-hostile pay-to-play business practice.

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