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As a modern gamer, it can be frustrating to discover that the full-priced game you’ve bought has replaced gameplay with microtransactions. Below is a brief overview of three companies. Each line of icons represents the features of their ten most recently released games and the red icons are all monetised gambling mechanics or game-affecting microtransactions. One of our goals is to help gamers be aware of these features in order to make informed purchases. The ultimate goal of the PixelGum Index is to see these companies have zero red icons assigned to their games, while also celebrating the companies that are doing good within the industry.

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Our Goals

  • To provide an invaluable resource that helps gamers make informed purchases by listing all features of games they’re interested in (especially monetised gambling mechanics and/or game-affecting microtransactions).
  • To shine a light on, and celebrate, all of the best aspects of video gaming; from all-time classic games to companies that are pro-consumer and are doing good within the video games industry.
  • To provide a permanent and lasting record of companies that have chosen to release games that are broken or have missing content with the hollow promise to fix them post-launch, or that include gambling-based microtransactions and other questionable features.

The video gaming industry is going through an incredible stage of growth as we enter 2020. As technology improves, games have more potential than ever to deliver incredible experiences that really connect us, stay with us, and can impact our lives in more meaningful ways.

However, it’s becoming a growing trend to see games across all platforms – whether on console, PC, mobile, web, VR or other – including elements that are less focussed on the gaming experience, and more on monetization and gambling.

We’re here to give everyone – whether you’re an avid gamer, concerned parent or curious onlooker – the chance to check out games and their developing studios and get the lowdown on their attributes. From the best to the worst.

We love video games, and we want to celebrate all of the wonderful things developers have achieved, but we’re also here to give a voice to all of us who’re concerned about the industry swaying away from the reason we love games: to have fun and play together in fun and innovative ways.