PixelGum Approved


Within our community we discussed the best aspects of our favourite games. These are the criteria we collectively established that games must meet in order for them to be PixelGum Approved.

  • Game Design
    Has an interesting, innovative and/or unique game design elements
  • Replay-ability & Timelessness
    Has a high replay-ability factor that doesn’t wane once the end-credits roll. This game will still be enjoyable when replayed in years to come
  • Atmosphere
    Has an environment that is all encompassing and compliments the game perfectly
  • Universal Appeal
    Has a broad appeal beyond gamers who are already fans of its genre
  • Competition & Community
    Promotes healthy competition and/or positive interactions among players
  • Testing
    At least 100 hours played cumulatively by members of our community with every game mode thoroughly tested; including single, co-op and/or multiplayer
  • Microtransactions
    Contains no game-affecting or gambling-based microtransactions
  • Bug-Free
    Launched with a stable build/had no game-breaking glitches

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