House Rules



Welcome to the PixelGum Family! 🙂 If you’re joining the broadcast for the first time, or our Discord server PixelGum Nation, we recommend you read these community guidelines so there aren’t any surprises!

Please note: we are an active server. Manage your notification settings here.

Last updated: 19th May 2019

The Pixels


  1. Be kind
    • and treat others politely, remembering to say “please” and “thank you”
  2. Make friends
    • and offer as well as receive encouragement and support during streams and in our Discord server – /me tackle hugs are encouraged
  3. Have fun
    • and play games the way they’re meant to be played – for fun, together, and to unwind after a tough day
  4. Respect each other
    • and use the community safely, keeping conversations between Pixels in line with the Twitch Community guidelines
    • We will respect each other’s time. If we only have time for 1 round, will say so
    • We don’t disappear without a goodbye as it isn’t polite
    • If we would rather play a different game, we will explain that we don’t feel like playing anymore and part ways amicably
    • We will remember that fellow Pixels go out of their way to make time to game with us, so if we say we’re going to play games, we won’t keep other Pixels waiting too long
  5. Let the moderators know
    • if we see something that upsets or worries us by reporting a post or private message directly to a moderator ideally in Discord
  6. Look out for fellow Pixels
    • by letting people know in a friendly manner if something isn’t in the PixelGum Family way
  7. Speak in English
    • as the broadcast is in English. We understand non-English sentences may be removed to keep others safe
  8. Act responsibly
    • and be accountable for our own behaviour. We understand that PixelGum TV is an entertainment channel and not a place to give or receive counselling, or to air out our real life problems frequently
    • We will do everything in our power to manage our time and ensure taking part in the community doesn’t affect our real life commitments in an irresponsible way
  9. Stick to the rules
    • laid out on this page and check them as they may be updated from time to time.
  10. Lead by example
    • and avoid confrontations with trolls or any new Pixels in the chat
    • We will not judge new viewers who come in and start acting aggressively
    • We’ll let the moderators step in and/or let a moderator know if we feel a new viewer isn’t keeping with the PixelGum way
    • We’ll encourage new Pixels to fit in by asking them !whois and encouraging them to enjoy themselves with lots of smilies and hearts!


  1. Get competitive or demanding
    • because this is not a competitive channel and everyone is playing for fun. We understand that persistent competitiveness or saltiness aimed at fellow Pixels or negativity that makes other Pixels uncomfortable will result in a ban
    • If we feel someone is being negative, we know that we can reach out to a moderator and let them know privately so they can consider what is the appropriate response and best of the PixelGum Family and the broadcast
  2. Brag or showboat during games
    • It’s very unsportsmanlike to boast to the losing player or beat a team down, especially if we don’t know each other very well. If there is no response to our initial reactions, we will let it go. We know that if the moderators notice we’re bragging or showboating even after we’ve been asked to stop, it will result in a ban
  3. Tell people what to do
    • suggestions are fine and asking is better rather than telling. We understand it’s better to be gracious and kind Pixels rather than bossy ones. This includes and is not limited to repeatedly posting caps-locked sentences (which can be seen as shouting and demanding)
  4. Have disputes in public
    • if we have a disagreement, we will resolve it in direct PMs with each other, instead of in the broadcast or on the Discord server so that we don’t ruin the fun for everyone else and we understand having disagreements in public chat can be upsetting for other Pixels
  5. Promote commercial services
    • we’re here to have fun, not to shop. However if the broadcasters promote something, we are allowed to bring it up for other Pixel’s attention in case they missed it
  6. Break Twitch’s Community guidelines
    • including anything racist, homophobic, sexist or transphobic, or personally abusive. We understand if we do this it will result in a ban
  7. Swear/curse excessively
    • we’re a PG13 channel, and our eyes and ears are not toilets!
    • if we feel the need to vent, we generally replace curses with words like ‘fudge’, ‘poop’, or make up our own creative and funny but harmless phrases and we won’t be surprised if our messages are removed for containing swear words
    • mild cursing is allowed but not aggressively toward any other Pixel
  8. Troll or be persistently negative
    • this includes spamming or flaming
    • any nasty comments targeted to fellow Pixels or the PixelGum Family will result in a timeout in chat. Persistent negative attacks on fellow Pixels will result in a permanent ban and we understand that the broadcasters reserve the right to ban on the first instant of trollish or inappropriate behaviour
  9. Share personal contact details
    • such as our age or birth dates, email address, telephone number, home / work / school locations etc as we want to keep ourselves and everyone else safe. This includes posting pictures of our face, or sharing affiliations to organisations. Small images of our face for icons are fine, however we understand larger images posted in channels of our faces will be removed
  10. Post graphic descriptions
  11. Talk about politics
    • PixelGum TV is a video game and entertainment broadcasting channel, and politics is not a suitable topic for this medium. This also includes logos that denote nationalism, or posting memes around political topics.

The Moderators


  1. Treat all Pixels equally
    • by referring to them as ‘Pixels’ and not as a gender, age or other category
  2. Respect fellow Pixels’ confidentiality
    • and remove any messages we feel will make you vulnerable
  3. Be supportive
    • if a Pixel is struggling or shared an achievement
  4. Be consistent
  5. Do our best
    • to resolve any technical problems as quickly as possible
  6. Take the safety of the community seriously
    • This means that sometimes Pixels may be banned if they pose a threat to the PixelGum Family
  7. Remove anything that breaks the rules above
    • as quickly as possible
  8. Stick to the rules


  1. Speak aggressively or rudely to any Pixel breaking the house rules
  2. Take over fellow Pixels’ conversations
  3. Talk rudely to or about anyone, including banned or timed-out viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I play with you during your stream?
    • We only play with regular Pixels we get to know
    • Chat with us and you may have a spot in games!
    • Please respect Pixels’ time: if you’re not ready to play, we will start without you and you’ll have to wait for the next available spot
    • If you want to ask to join, please try to be polite and ask nicely (“may I join you guys for a game, please?“) We don’t have to let you play with us, and politeness and patience goes a long way
  2. Where do I join the live stream voice chat in Discord?
    • We have a Studio you can sit in and listen
    • You only get to chat if you’re over 18, a regular Pixel, and in the game with us
  3. When are you next streaming?
  4. How can I support you guys?
    • The best way to support us is to SUBSCRIBE to our channel by going to
    • Subscribing gives you access to more channels in PixelGum Nation, to cool freebies that we’re making especially for you, and entry to special PixelGum tournaments, competitions, challenges and more
    • We also accept DONATIONS here:
    • All donations are received with much appreciation and contribute to ensuring we keep you entertained, such as helping us purchase equipment for streams and enables us to give you more stream time
  5. Can we play <this> game instead?
    • We have a schedule that we stick to in order to respect Pixel’s time. Check the schedule out here
    • If you do want to request a game on our schedule, you can make a request in our Discord server here
    • Aidan and Chorna approach scheduling very differently for their shows (Multiplayer Mayhem and Coffee & Pixels, respectively) so try to give them at least 24hrs to consider your request
    • Please remember our decision to change the schedule is our decision and we can change the schedule at any time but we will aim to reduce too much confusion by sticking to the schedule and/or giving everyone in live stream chat confirmation that we are changing briefly
  6. Where are the chat archives in Discord?
    • To protect users from malicious users scouring archives for information from previous chats, we purge chat archives of chat from time to time
  7. How come I’m not in the Discord server any longer?
    • To protect Pixels from malicious users we prune any members who haven’t got a role and haven’t been active for 7 days or more
    • You’re welcome to rejoin if you would like to try and become a part of the community again
    • It’s an automated process so please don’t take it personally
    • If you’ve been kicked or banned for any other reason, we will send you a message to explain why beforehand
  8. How do Pixel Credits work?
  9. How do SFX work?
  10. Why was I banned?
    • If we notice you can’t respect our house rules, and there is potential for your attitude to harm the over-all tone of the stream and/or our harm our viewers’ ability to enjoy the stream, we will ban you
    • Attempts to circumvent the ban, including whispering other Pixels to pass on messages to PixelGumTV, will result in additional reporting of your account to Twitch

Safety Tips

  1. Here at PixelGum TV and our Discord server PixelGum Nation we take Internet safety VERY seriously. So here are some useful links we’d like you to keep handy:
      is someone taking advantage of you, or trying to make you do something you don’t want to?
      A video about staying safe

Applying To Become A Moderator

  1. You can click here to apply to become a moderator.
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