Developer/Publisher: GungHo
Platform: Switch
Genre: Action
Release date: Wednesday 24th June 2020

No-Limit Microtransactions

Due to the randomised gambling mechanics implemented in this game, it is possible to spend an infinite amount of money on microtransactions and never acquire the specific item you want View more games with this feature

Loot Boxes With Duplicate Items

This game contains loot box randomised gambling mechanics where rewarded items can be duplicated. Developers typically flood the prize pool with low-tier undesirable items in order to reduce the chances of a player getting the high-tier items they want. The sole purpose of also allowing the items to be duplicates in loot boxes is to further frustrate and manipulate players into spending money. View more games with this feature

Time-Limited Virtual Items

Virtual items which are only purchasable for a limited time, encouraging users to spend money before the items are no longer available View more games with this feature

Includes Microtransactions

This game features an internal shop that allows users to spend money on items costing below $10 View more games with this feature

Region Specific Features

This game contains features or content that is specific to certain regions. This can mean that certain content is locked away and only obtainable in certain regions. Or it can mean that other features, such as multiplayer functionality are also region-locked, meaning only players set to the same region can play together. View more games with this feature

Season Pass with Purchasable Tiers

A form of video game monetization in which gamers purchase a discounted package of downloadable content that can be unlocked as they progress through the tiers by playing the game and completing challenges, or alternatively pay money in order to skip tiers and unlock rewards faster View more games with this feature

Purchasable Cosmetic Items

This game features an internal shop with optional cosmetic items than do not effect gameplay. These may include skins, shaders, aesthetic items such as pets or mounts View more games with this feature

Single Player

This is a game features a single-player experience where input from only one player is required View more games with this feature

Online Multiplayer

This game features an online multiplayer mode in which more than one person can play in the same game environment at the same time, online over the internet View more games with this feature

Free to Play

This game is free to download and play. Be aware that the highest-tier rewards in free-to-play games often cost money via an in-game store. This is fine as long as the pricing of items is clear and transparent. If high-tier rewards are only obtainable via randomised gambling mechanics such as loot boxes in which rewards can be duplicated, then a single high-tier item can cost more than the price of a premium game View more games with this feature

Ninjala is a potentially wonderful free-to-play multiplayer action video game developed for the Switch that we would love to recommend, if it weren’t for two serious issues at launch: Firstly, this is a game that is very much aimed towards children and yet it contains monetised gambling-based loot boxes. Secondly, this primarily multiplayer game is region-restricted, so you can only play with your friends that are currently set to the same region.

Ninjala centers upon an eponymous tournament being held by the World Ninja Association, which developed bubblegum that could be used to allow people with the DNA of a ninja to perform ninjutsu. The game focuses primarily on melee combat using various types of weapons. The player can double-jump and run along walls to navigate the map. A match can be played between up to eight players in either teams or a solo “Battle Royale”.

Bubbles can be blown to trigger abilities, such as launching them at opponents as a ranged attack, or activating an air dash move. Their power can be increased by destroying drones that periodically spawn on the map, allowing the player to craft a larger melee weapon when fully-charged. The player can also disguise themselves as a prop on the field. Points are scored primarily by knocking out opponents, and an “Ippon” bonus can be scored as part of a KO if the player does so in combination with their abilities.

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