Developer/Publisher: Chucklefish Pixpil
Platforms: Switch, Win
Genres: Adventure, RPG
Release date: Wednesday 15th September 2021

Family Friendly

This game is safe for family members of all ages to enjoy View more games with this feature

Single Player

This is a game features a single-player experience where input from only one player is required View more games with this feature

In a beautifully-detailed and charming post-apocalyptic world, a miner discovers a mysterious little girl named Sam deep underground in a secret facility. Journey through decaying cities, encountering strange creatures and even stranger people along the way!

Discover the weird, wonderful world of Eastward! Climb aboard the cross-country railway and start an exciting new adventure eastward across a perilous landscape. Stop off to explore bustling cities, make strange new friends and take on ferocious monsters, as you fight your way through a deadly miasma devouring the lands.

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