Sucker Punch Productions

Sucker Punch Productions is an American first-party video game developer best known for the franchises Sly Cooper and Infamous.

The company was founded in 1997. According to the website, it started at the roots of Microsoft, where the co-founders worked in a variety of productivity and software development applications. The brand name came as one of several proposed by the company they did not use at Microsoft due to policies. Chris Zimmerman showed the options to his wife for her opinion, but she did not care “as long as it isn’t ‘Sucker Punch’.” They selected it as the company name. Its first game, Rocket: Robot on Wheels was published by Ubisoft. The company’s first series Sly Cooper, featured levels and cel-shaded anthropomorphic animals. Sanzaru Games released Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time without collaborating with Sucker Punch. The company is later acquired by Sony Interactive Entertainment in August 2011. The company’s second series Infamous, featured superhuman characters in open world games. Sly Cooper and Cole MacGrath later appeared in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The company later released the game Ghost of Tsushima.

Sucker Punch Productions Games:
Ghost of Tsushima

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