Lucid Games

Lucid Games Limited is a British video game developer based in Liverpool, England. The company was incorporated at the Companies House of the United Kingdom on 19 January 2011, and the studio formation was announced on 25 February 2011.

Most of Lucid Games’ ten founders were previously employed by Bizarre Creations, which was shut down by Activision, its parent company, seven days prior to the announcement, on 18 February 2011. The founding team also included Pete Wallace, the former senior manager of Bizarre Creations, Andy Davidson and media entrepreneur Paul Morrissey., According to Wallace, Lucid Games wanted to return to the roots of Bizarre Creations, and again develop itself to the point when Activision acquired it.

With assistance from economic development company Liverpool Vision, Lucid Games sought to create 50 new positions for developers in the Liverpool area, especially targeting former employees of Bizarre Creations. Furthermore, the move aimed at preventing foreign companies, primarily those of Seattle and Canada, asking ex-Bizarre Creations employees to move away from Liverpool to assume new jobs with them, and to win new game development contracts with a highly experienced team. In July 2016, Brian Woodhouse, who formerly acted as studio director for Bizarre Creations, became Lucid Games’ head of business development.

Lucid Games Titles:
Destruction Allstars

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