Dead or Alive 6 Charges Players To Change Their Hair Color… And To Change It Back

Companies mentioned: Koei Tecmo
Games mentioned: Dead or Alive 6

For a while now, developers have been integrating many RealWorld™ retail marketing systems into their games. For example, end-of season sales make sense as retailers wish to sell off all of the stock at the end of the current season in order to make way for the incoming products from the next season. But time-limited virtual sales in video games don’t make any sense as they have no physical stock to sell off. So time-limited virtual sales are just another unjustifiable psychological manipulation to encourage gamers to spend money on microtransactions before the items become unavailable.

However, in Dead or Alive 6 they’ve reached an entirely new level of ridiculousness, as they are now charing their players to change their character’s hair colour. To be clear; they’re not charging to unlock a new hair colour! No, they are charing their players to change a single character’s hair colour once. So if your character’s hair is pink, for example, and you want to change it to blonde, you must pay to change it to blonde. If you then decide that you prefer your character’s hair the way it was and want to revert it back, you must pay again to change it back to its original colour.

Dead or Alive 6

This is the very definition of charging money for nothing. There is no physical salon with a hair colour artist on call to dye your character’s hair each time. No video game artist is required to change the hue of the hair colour. The action of changing the hair colour doesn’t tax the game’s servers or cost the developers anything in order to justify the price.

Since the release of DoA 6, the developers have made their intentions clear as they have littered DoA6 with DLC costumes, including four season passes so far, each costing more than the price of the game itself. If you wish to buy all of the DLC costumes available for DoA6, the total will come to almost $2000.

Even for a community seemingly used to absurd amounts of expensive DLC, Dead or Alive fans are not happy about how this has been implemented. DoA communities online are asking fans to send their feedback straight to the developers and to send it often in the hopes of a response.

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