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Fellow Pixel SkyTheKid at PAX South 2018


The final round of the PAX South 2018 Mario Kart 7 Local Multiplayer Tournament! Mankalor talks about his strategies in each race.

We wanted to give a huge shout out to fellow Pixel SkyTheKid who earlier this year was invited to compete at PAX South 2018 in Texas. An event which included some huge YouTubers with over 500k subscribers between them!

If you watch the video uploaded by PAX competitor Mankalor, you can clearly see SkyTheKid racing – and what an exciting set of races it was too!

We’re super proud of SkyTheKid’s achievement of making it to PAX and coming in fourth. That’s no small achievement(!) and we think SkyTheKid clearly shows what you can achieve when you find something you’re passionate about and keep on practicing.

Awesome job, Sky, and we hope we’ll see all of you guys at our next Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stream.

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