About Pixel Credits


What are Pixel Credits?

  • Pixel Credits is our stream-chat currency
  • You collect them through stream-chat games, and in participating in our community

What can I use Pixel Credits for?

  • You can use them to:
    • purchase sound effects
    • enter giveaways
    • get discounts on merchandise

How do I get Pixel Credits?

  • We give 1,000 Pixel Credits to new Pixels who join our community and speak up for the first time in chat!
  • We give 10,000 Pixel Credits to new Pixels who introduce themselves by answering our community questions
  • You can join stream-chat games to earn more Pixel Credits
    • !grab – simply grab floating Pixel Credits in chat. Everyone gets something!
    • !pixelpot – throw in some Pixel Credits into the pot, and see which lucky Pixel walks away with the whole lot!
    • !raygun XXXX – add up to 1,000 Pixel Credits to the experiment and see if GumBoy’s raygun multiplies your credits, or blasts them smithereens…
    • Pop Quiz – these are questions Chorna or Aidan will ask in chat for a chance to win. Use your knowledge of the stream to earn more credits!

How many Pixel Credits do I have?

  • Type: !pixelcredits

How do / when can I request my loot?

  • Go to the #loot channel in our Discord server
    • NOTE: Remember you will need to answer our Discord community questions to gain access to the server and its channel

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