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November Newsletter #11


FREE Desktop Wallpaper

We all know how much GumBoy loves to play dress-up, and you may have seen Buddy GumBoy popping up on screen whenever you donate bits. But did you know there’s more than one version of GumBoy that appears depending on how many bits you give? We’ll be looking forward to revealing each version over time! Enjoy your freebie:

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Follow Your Streaming Dreams in #pixelgum-network

PixelGum TV really is our passion! It’s the thing that gets us up in the morning and working as hard as we possibly can. Making it to Twitch Partner is going to be one of the milestones we’re looking forward to achieving to help us become full-time, self-sustaining broadcaster.

But we know we’re not the only people striving to become Partner on Twitch and one of our key ethos is to give back to our community by means of support and encouragement. Earlier this year we announced the launch of the PixelGum Network which was one way to achieve this, and it’s evolved a lot since we founded it in May this year. It’s done wonders for those involved, helping people muster the courage to begin streaming, but also helping them to find a core set of viewers and a supportive environment to keep going.

We’re now pleased to announce that anyone in our Discord server can use the PixelGum Network to help grow your own understanding of how to stream, become a better streamer, and form a positive, supportive network of fellow streamers to help keep you motivated to roll up those sleeves and do your very best!

We encourage people to ask questions about technology, about how to engage with their audience, about how to handle trolls, and much more. We really look forward to reading from you, and no question is ever too silly to ask. We’ll always answer constructively and positively.

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Enjoy Our Full Range of Shows

For proto-Pixels in the know, you’ll remember a time when we streamed four games, for five hours, six days a week. It was a good way to remember our streaming schedule, but also an example of our dedication to becoming full-time broadcasters.

But we come with good news! We’ve now officially expanded our hours to include not one, not two, but three shows on a regular basis! Check out the full details below:

PixelGum TV presents: Coffee & Pixels logo

  • When: every morning except Tuesdays
  • What: family friendly chillzone to enjoy with your coffee

PixelGum TV presents: PixelGum's SuperBONUS Fun Time Extravaganza

  • When: every Friday and Saturday
  • What: 2 hour slots of weekend party game shenanigans

PixelGum TV presents: After Dark logo

  • When: every afternoon except Tuesdays
  • What: for older Pixels with even more immaturity


And that’s not including our monthly PixelGum Trials, community joint streams or our usual PixelGum TV schedule, with multiplayer mayhem, creative simulations and more.

Absolutely none of this would have been possible without you, so thank you so much for being for being yourself, for being friends to us and to each other, and for making PixelGum TV your personal home for gaming joy.

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Chorna once enjoyed a successful career in the gaming industry in various roles - from marketing and community management, to game designer. She continues to write delicious bits of text you've consumed from various brands but never knew it.

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