Pixie & Clyde Inherit A House! – PixelGum Sims Restoration Challenge


Clyde and Pixie are our favourite residents in Pixel Town, and unfortunately a distant uncle of Clyde’s has recently passed away. After the funeral, members of the family were alerted to various inheritances, and Pixie and Clyde were surprised to find out they’d inherited a house!

Quickly piling into their car, they drove to the address. The sun was slowly setting as they parked the car and walked the rest of the way.

Turning the corner, they were greeted by their new property…

The shutters were closed, and the foliage had been allowed to overgrow. The trees were all but hugging the property and ivy had strangled the house with a blanket of thorns.

The house was riddled with dead ivy

They dared not go inside – they simply couldn’t, the weeds, shrubs and thorns made it impossible.

Determined to turn this house into a success story, Clyde and Pixie have approached Fru-Fru Galley, renowned Pixelton and architect.

“We really just want someone to clean the house up, check it for integrity issues and… well… make it a home!”

“I underrrrstund,” said Fru-Fru. “Yuuu vaaant ze grrrreatezt home in alll of Pixel Town!”

“No, no!” the couple chided in together. “We don’t want to lose the character of the building.” Glancing at one another fondly, they smiled. “We haven’t been inside the house yet, but we both feel like it has memories in there we want to keep.”

Bored by the notion of not being able to knock down walls, Fru-Fru gave a dismissive wave, and handed the project over to you, the intern at her architecture company!

You’re excited. This could be your chance to prove to Fru-Fru that she should give you bigger, grander projects – maybe even design your own build! You pack your stuff and head off to the property. As you make your way inside, you realise, you’ve really got your work cut out for you…

The house really has been left to rot!

But there’s so much potential!

What the customer want:

  1. Pixie and Clyde want you to clean up the weeds, thorns and shrubbery
  2. They want you to ‘trim’ any trees already on the property, but they don’t want any new big trees put in. Flowers and shrubs are fine
  3. There want to use items in the house that belonged to the previous owner
    • Clear the trash to find hidden items belonging to the owner
    • Integrate them into the design of the house for extra points!

Rules of the build:

  1. You can’t remove or move any:
    • walls
    • stairs
    • columns
    • spandrels
    • fences
    • roofs
    • chimneys
    • wall trimming
    • fireplaces
  2. You can:
    • extend the property or add additional rooms
  3. You can completely replace or recolour:
    • banisters
    • stairs
    • doors
    • fences
    • roofs
    • foundation border
    • windows
  4. You can recolour only:
    • columns
    • spandrels
  5. You can recolour or replace but can’t change the location of:
    1. windows
    2. doors
    3. ventilation

Turn this dilapidated building into a home for Pixie and Clyde to move into!

Share your designs!

  1. Let us know you’re working on it via Twitter: @PixelGumTV
  2. Upload your design to the community hub using the #PixelGumChallenge2
  3. Let us know you’ve uploaded it via Twitter: @PixelGumTV
  4. We might even showcase it in our stream!