PixelGum Tower – Sims 4 Decorate Challenge


Welcome to Chorna’s first The Sims 4 decoration challenge!


The architect Fru-Fru Galley has won the bid to design, build, and decorate a prime piece of real estate in Pixel Town.

As usual, Ms Galley has exceeded everyone’s expectations and desires (perhaps even needs?!). She’s gone ahead and designed what she is calling “ze verld’s furrrzt multi-jjjjjenerrrrasiyanol combinasiyon home! Vunce you muve in, you neva need tu muve out!

The ground floor is a two bedroom modern apartment easily accessible to the elderly, while the smaller apartments upstairs are big enough for singletons looking to start out on their own.

Meanwhile the second floor (or third for you Americans), is the beginning of two dual-level homes big enough for parents and their children.

But disaster has struck! With the building’s architectural shape completed, Fru-Fru’s been taken ill – something about a “muuuuuuuuze” and a “perrrrrrspekteeev“, and she could not complete the final aspect of the ‘multi-generational combo-home’.

As her design intern, it’s up to you to complete her vision! Fill the homes with appliances, furnishings and even the belongings of the lucky Sims who will get to live there before she is due to return from her recovery.


PixelGum Tower

PixelGum Tower

PixelGum Tower - Front

PixelGum Tower – Front

PixelGum Tower - Ground Floor

PixelGum Tower – Ground Floor

PixelGum Tower - First Floor

PixelGum Tower – First Floor

PixelGum Tower - Second Floor

PixelGum Tower – Second Floor

PixelGum Tower - Third Floor

PixelGum Tower – Third Floor

PixelGum Tower - Roof

PixelGum Tower – Roof

Download the Lot

  1. Search for EA Account ID Chorna_W in the community
  2. Search for build: PixelGum Tower Template
  3. Download it furnished

The Rules

  1. Has to be on 30 x 20 lot
  2. You can’t delete, move or add walls, doors or windows anywhere on or in the building
    • But there are spaces for ‘closets’ potentially where you can add doors if you wish
  3. You can recolour any interior wall, window or door where colour options are available
  4. You must decorate and give purpose to every single room in the building
  5. You can use unlimited funds to decorate
  6. You can bb.showhiddenobjects
  7. You can bb.moveobjects
  8. No custom content please
  9. All appliances can be replaced (kitchen cupboards, sinks, tubs, lights etc) but the location of the kitchen sink and kitchen ventilation above the stove must remain in the same spots
  10. The exterior must be landscaped but the fences and paths cannot be changed
  11. You must use the green space behind the property – how you use it is up to you (you can add walls, doors, and windows within this space only)
  12. When you’re done, don’t forget to finish the billboard at the front of the building, too! 🙂
  13. Upload your submission to the Sims Community hub using the hashtag: #PixelGumTower in the description and tweet @PixelGumTV letting us know you’ve uploaded your submission!
    • We will use your Twitter handle to let you know if you’ve won!

The Deadline

  • Challenge begins 10th June 2018
  • Challenge entries must be in by 10th July 2018
  • Chorna will start going through the entries on 11th July 2018
  • Chorna will announce the winner by 21st July 2018 in our email newsletter


  • 1st Place: showcased on our site and stream!
  • 2nd Place: showcased on our site and stream!
  • Community Favourite: showcased on our site and stream!


  1. What’s a Community Favourite?!
    • We’ll be taking the designs that we simply can’t choose between for third place and put them up for a public vote on Twitter – the community chooses the final winner!
  2. What if I don’t have all of the packs that you used to make the original building?
    • Just make sure you state that when you submit. But try not to change any of the shape of the building and refer to the layout pics above
  3. I heard about this competition after the deadline. Can I still submit my entry?
    • Yes! Do it for fun, and let us know on Twitter so we can check it out and explore the build!
  4. How are you going to judge the entries?
    • Download them and explore each one up close and personal!