About Pixel Credits


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  • Loot can be purchased with Pixel Credits only
  • New loot can pop up any day
  • If the loot isn’t available on the day you want it, you’ll just have to wait until it is
  • Pixel Credits are deducted from your total as soon as you confirm your request for loot

NOTE: All rewards may be subject to limited use in order to prevent spamming

Personal Greeting SFX Reaction SFXPermabuild Permabuild Laser Tag Fashionista Art Party Bobomb Mushrooms Bananas No Heals No Shields Turquoise


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Pixel Credits?

Pixel Credits are a fun form of FREE currency that we issue to viewers of our broadcast. You earn them by:

  1. raid (every time)
  2. follow (one off)
  3. subscribe (every time)
  4. host (every time)
  5. donate (for every $1)

We do this by using Streamlabs Chatbot integrated with our Twitch channel.

How many Pixel Credits do I have?

You can see how much you have by typing !pixelcredits in the channel chat. This can only be checked during the live broadcasts as the application that collates this data only runs then.

How do / when can I request my loot?

Have enough Pixel Credits? You request loot by going into our Discord channel and putting in a request in here.

Make sure you have enough Pixel Credits! If you don’t have enough Pixel Credits at the time, your request won’t be fulfilled.

Mini Games

Pixel Pot

  • Command: !pixelpot
  • Who can join: everyone 🙂

Add your Pixel Credits to the pot and it’s a lottery to see who wins!

FREE Pixel Credits

  • Command: !grab
  • Who can join: everyone 🙂

A Pixel Credit delivery will pop up from time to time. It’s a free for all – jump in and grab as many Pixel Credits as you can. Everyone who enters gets something!