The PixelGum Network


What is the PixelGum Network (PGN)?

  • Collaborate to promote a truly collaborative, compliant and family-friendly culture on Twitch
  • Share best and work to the same standards to give viewers great quality content

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Who’re the PGN members?

  1. PixelGumTV
  2. Eliundar
  3. Letyrman
  4. DheitiPlays

  5. AnthonyKingsTV

  6. JBRetro16

  7. StickyQuince
  8. MelonTheFelon

What do PGN members do for each other?

  • we feedback on each others channels
  • we support each other’s independent communities
  • we have access to Twitch compliant moderation tools and materials written by PixelGum TV
  • we have access the growing PixelGum Academy materials and in-depth lessons in strategic channel growth

How is this any different to any other Twitch community or team?

  • We have access to expert advice on digital marketing and digital tech, along with moderation compliance and more through the PixelGumTV hosts and extended network

Want to learn more?

Send a message to the PixelGum Network in Discord.