The PixelGum Network


What is the PixelGum Network (PGN)?

Who gets access to the PGN?

  • All PixelGum Family members automatically get access to the PixelGum Network peer support community chatroom in our Discord server as they level up in the Discord chat

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to advertise other PixelGum Network members on my channel?
    • No
    • The PGN is a place where you can talk openly and honestly about getting streaming tips
  2. Will I be expected to be a Family-Friendly stream?
    • No
    • We will encourage you to be fully Twitch compliant
  3. Do I have to ask my followers to join the PixelGum Nation?
    • No
  4. Can I use the PixelGum Nation as my community server?
    • Only founding members can do this
    • There may be exceptions to the rule but this is on a case by case basis