The PixelGum Network


What is the PixelGum Network (PGN)?

  • It’s a peer support community in our Discord server where the PixelGum Family can talk about streaming tips and tricks and how to be Twitch compliant
  • It was created by PixelGumTV on 29th May 2018

Who gets access to the PGN?

  • All PixelGum Nation members automatically get access to the PixelGum Network peer support community chatroom in our Discord server

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to advertise other PixelGum Network members on my channel?
    • No
    • The PGN is a place where you can talk openly and honestly about streaming, getting streaming tips, and talking about streaming hardware and latest developments in the streaming industry
  2. Will I be expected to be a Family-Friendly stream?
    • No
    • We will encourage you to be fully Twitch compliant
  3. Do I have to ask my followers to join the PixelGum Nation?
    • No
  4. Can I use the PixelGum Nation as my community server?
    • No
    • We already have our own set of categories that we chop and change as our own community evolves.
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