The PixelGum Network


What is the PixelGum Network (PGN)?

  • Collaborate to promote a family-friendly and compliant culture on Twitch
  • Share best and work to the same standards to give viewers great quality content
  • Give viewers 24/7 family friendly entertainment

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Who’re the PGN members?

  1. PixelGumTV
  2. Eliundar
  3. Letyrman
  4. DheitiPlays

  5. JBRetro

  6. MelonTheFelon
  7. TheChrysoberylFox
  8. WilDPaLazzo
  9. LiamTMsTV

What do PGN members do for each other?

  • we support each other develop our channels by watching and interacting with each other’s channels
  • write up our learnings and share them via the PixelGum Academy

How is this any different to any other Twitch community or team?

  • we’re not competing with each other for raids, hosts or channel growth
  • we pool together our unique specialities and have access to expert advice on digital marketing and technical systems
  • we focus on compliant moderation and keeping viewers safe as well as entertained

Want to join?

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