PixelGum Minecraft Server Rules


The Formal Bits

  1. The PixelGum Minecraft Server (‘server’, ‘realm’) is an official Minecraft Realm
    • This means the Realm is managed under Microsoft’s data privacy and safety policies, and end-user agreements
    • This means the server is running vanilla Minecraft with no mods at present
  2. It is Minecraft Java version
    • You can join in on PC and via Mac
  3. The server is available to all PixelGum TV subscribers (‘champions’, ‘champs’, ‘subs’) thanks to subscriptions and donation
    • That means if we run out of funds… we won’t run the server
  4. So basically, it’s an on demand kinda thing
  5. The server operators (also known as ‘moderators’ or ‘mods’) may make changes to the code of conduct and any sub sections listed below at any time, with notice given in the various server announcement channels
  6. Changes made to blocks in the server is considered permanent
  7. The server operators will have the ability to roll the server back by 24hrs, but only in extreme cases (for example, if we get hacked and someone griefs everything!)
  8. The server operators will NOT be adding custom mods, modes, items or functionality into the realm that breaks any of the Microsoft realm operation policies
  9. We will not promote unofficial Minecraft content on our server in order to maintain optimal security for the server.

Joining The Server

  1. There are limited number of spots available for the PixelGum Minecraft Realm
    • There are currently only 20 spots open, including spots for operators
    • Spots are opened on a first come, first served basis, to PixelGum TV subscribers only
    • There will be more spots made available based on demand and funding available
  2. Champs get access to the Minecraft server by adding their details to this list
    • You will be able to join in by receiving an invitation from a server operator once you’ve filled in the form (you may need to give us a nudge to check it)
    • If a champ’s subscription to PixelGum TV expires, you may have up to 72 hours (3 days) to re-subscribe to PixelGum TV via Twitch before the server user list is updated and you can no longer access the realm
  3. A radius of the first 500 blocks have been protected and cannot be destroyed
    • You will enter in adventure mode
    • In adventure mode you cannot break blocks
    • Adventure mode is a game mode intended for player-created maps, limiting some of the gameplay in Minecraft. In this mode, the player cannot directly destroy any blocks with any tools or place any blocks, in order to avoid spoiling adventure maps or griefing servers.
    • Players are only allowed to craft items, and interact with mobs, item frames, and paintings.
    • Once you leave the 500 block locked radius, you will enter survival mode
    • In survival mode you can break blocks
    • The server will tell you when you enter and exit each mode
    • Only server operators can break blocks in adventure mode

Server Code of Conduct

  1. Champs promise to:
    1. Be kind
      That means:

      • No antagonising of, or being mean to, your fellow champs
      • No name calling each other, including calling each other a Minecraft ‘noob’
      • No forcing people to do things they don’t want to do, ever
      • No assuming that just because someone else did things on their server a certain way, that PixelGum server champs will – we are our own server and we have our own rules 🙂
    2. Have fun
      That means:

      • Build things that you like, and other people can visit 🙂
      • Please, no offensive locations, like a ‘strip bar’ or ‘the twin towers’ or ‘a burning mosque’ – that’s just rude, dude
      • Mine places that won’t damage other people’s work and can be useful to other champs (for instance you might want to build a tunnel UNDER someone’s place but try to go AROUND if you can)
    3. Make friends
      That means:

      • Be helpful toward each other if someone isn’t sure how to do something
      • We’re always learning!
      • Have positive conversations
      • Tell people their work is cool
      • If you don’t like something, it’s none of your business and it’s not your work 😀
      • Make suggestions but don’t ever order champs around
      • If you have an idea, wait to be asked if they want to hear it!
    4. Be creative
      That means:

      • You’ll think up fun ideas with each other and take the initiative to build it
      • If you use custom skins, you make sure those skins are not offensive or reveal even ‘pixel nudity’
      • Let the server operators know when you’ve finished your building so we can show it off on stream to the whole world!
  2. Champs should:
    1. Help themselves to the free items in the safe houses chests
    2. Never raid the chests in someone else’s building!
    3. Venture out into the world
      • Please leave a trail/road for others to follow so we can find you later and you don’t get lost!
    4. Build or mine to their heart’s content
      • The server is a world for you to explore, but try to be responsible – the further you travel, the larger the server will get, the more it will cost us to maintain it
  3. Not destroy other people’s work
    • Unless they’ve been asked to by the owner of that work
  4. Think about how they can help the other champs on server
    • If you’re an avid miner, storing items in the chests around the world
    • If you’re an avid crafter, storing crafted items in the chests around the world
    • If you’re an avid explorer, making maps and sharing them with the champs
    • If you’re an avid farmer, cook and make useful things for the champs to survive

The Fun Bits

  1. The server is a survival mode world – this will not be changed, ever
  2. Only server operators will be allowed to keep creative mode
  3. The server ops are:
    • Erin
    • Aidan
    • Chorna
  4. The starting area is a dense jungle with various safe houses built nearby
    • These are managed and maintained by the server operators
  5. You aren’t allowed to destroy the safe house or the trees in the immediate area for resources
    • This is because the area is pretty and we want to make sure it gives you the impression of arriving in a new world!
  6. There are safe houses dotted around the map in the nearby vicinity to help you get started – these may contain:
    • A bed to rest in
    • A chest with free items left there for you by server ops and/or other champs
    • An ender chest for you to store anything you want and access from anywhere
  7. Safe houses must not be destroyed by champs – if you break it, everyone loses it permanently
  8. We will host Minecraft events from time to time in the realm which may mean temporarily switching to a different world – these will be seperate worlds and will not mean the original survival mode realm has been destroyed

The Roleplaying Culture Stuff

  1. The PixelGum Minecraft server will allow for people to roleplay if that’s their style!
    • Note that Chorna is a huge roleplayer and will likely be a farmer 🙂
  2. Roleplaying may include taking up certain ‘jobs’ in the server
    • E.g. farmer, cook, miner, explorer, monster hunter, horse rancher, merchant, smith, armour seller etc
  3. We’d encourage people to exchange Minecraft items with each other as mutual exchange currency – i.e. ‘12 steaks for 2 iron blocks’
  4. We’re looking to build a PixelGum town/city for people to live in, together
    • With individual homes
    • With streets and lighting
    • With shops (owned and run by individual champs)

The Player vs Player Stuff

  1. PixelGum TV is not a community that encourages people to be competitive and/or ‘serious’ ‘tryhard’, but we know sometimes it’s fun to do PvP every now and then
  2. We have build the Pixel Arena which can be found across the sea which is a specific area for PvP
  3. General PvP is not allowed in other areas of the server – UNLESS the two parties consent
    • I.e. if you build your OWN PvP arena, feel free to, but let the operators know so we can check it out and keep it safe for you
  4. We do NOT allow griefing of building projects, and/or harassment of players to steal their resources
  5. If you are victim to this, report this to any online server operator or send in a report to the #minecraft-griefing-reports in our Discord server

The Stream Stuff

  1. The realm will be an opportunity for PixelGum Champions to be featured in our live streams, so we ask that everyone is:
    • On their best behaviour and welcomes viewers 🙂
    • Makes our server look amazing so more people want to play here!
  2. Be mindful of sharing personal information – the chat text will appear on live stream video
  3. Don’t swear (like we don’t swear in live stream)
  4. If you use custom skins, you make sure those skins are not offensive or reveal even ‘pixel nudity’ / are sexual in any way
  5. We ask that all users keep their Minecraft usernames PixelGum friendly – that means no nametags like ‘NaziKiller’ or ‘BadAssCrafter’ because we’re a family friendly channel and our names should reflect that
    • A good rule of thumb is usually just to use your first name or your Twitch name e.g. Aidan_123 or _____GumTV
  6. There will be NO champ’s voice chat streamed for Minecraft during the live stream
  7. Champs only voice chat is available through Discord for Minecraft for all other times, however…
  8. You don’t HAVE to voice chat – feel free to use the text chat function in the game

The Operator’s Code of Conduct

  1. The Minecraft server operators are:
    • Aidan (CassiusKnight)
    • Chorna (Chorna)
    • Erin (Eliundar)
  2. The Minecraft server operators are the only people who will have Creative Mode enabled
  3. The Minecraft server operators promise to:
    • Stay out of your way unless you need them
    • To treat every champ equally and kindly
    • To listen to all sides of a story if a complaint is made
    • To explain clearly why any decisions are made
    • To help build safe houses around the world
    • To stock up the free loot boxes frequently
    • To hide new ones to be found! 😉

The Punishment Stuff

  1. Champs who are caught damaging other people’s work without their permission will be given a 24hr minimum server time out and only have 1 chance left
    • Champs who are caught doing it a second time will get a permanent ban from the server
  2. Champs who are caught antagonising or being negative towards other champs will be given a 24hrs minimum server time out and only have 2 chances left
    • Champs who are caught going it a second time will get a 48hrs minimum ban and have 1 chance left
    • Champs who are caught doing it a third time will get a permanent ban from the server