Meet The McRichsons

A dynasty of Sims who had worked hard for their money. Throughout the generations they had earned it in helping Pixel Town grow. From being seasoned farmers, to property moguls, and putting money into the scientific fields and even becoming celebrities in the music and literature.

But when Rover McRichson and Tyreen McRichson (formerly Hopper) had twin sons Vincent and Johnny, they thought their children would continue the long legacy of the McRichson’s achievements. They were not interested in putting a spot light on themselves, and often kept their children hidden from the limelight.

On their 21st birthday however, Rover told Vincent and Johnny that they were now multi-billionaires having now qualified for their portion of the McRichson inheritance.

Vince was delight and wanted to travel the world and spend his money doing all the things he never got to do as a young child. He was incredibly handsome, and a bit of a charmer (and he knew it).┬áJohnny was far less interested in the money and wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and invest the family money improving Pixel Town and helping the locals to grow their town into a bustling city.

Vincent was not happy with his twin brother’s choice. He wanted the money to stay within the family, and while arguing the point with his brother in their gorgeous cliffside apartment Brindleton Bay, Vincent pushed his brother off a balcony into the ocean in a fit of anger where his brother’s body was never recovered.

But Johnny survived! Waking up without any ID and his pyjamas, he also no longer had his memory. Wandered into a hospital, he was patched up and given a new identity: Johnny McPoorson.

Johnny married a local girl, Ivy Legg, having met her as a barista at the local cafe. They were married within a year and had a gorgeous daughter, Gala (after his favourite type of apple, and since she was the apple of his eye!). Johnny spent his years learning how to become a vet, and his daughter and he were inseparable.

Over the years, however, his relationship with his wife became strained. She seemed more interested in spending the hard-earned money he had earned rather than trying to give back to the community the way he had hoped they would when they first met and were starry-eyed lovers.

Unbeknownst to Johnny, Ivy had discovered something while reading one of her trashy magazines. Her husband, Johnny, looking like the spitting image of Vincent McRichson. It didn’t take her long to put two and two together, and realised she could have found the long-lost twin brother of a multi-billion simoleonaire heritage.

Knowing Johnny the way she did, she realised even if the truth came out about his heritage, she was hardly going to see his money because he would likely give it away. So she found a way to get close to Vincent, became his lover and then, without warning, ditched Johnny.

The divorce was hard for Johnny. He did love his wife, but he had no idea why she had become so distant. He let her take everything, but she seemed oddly comfortable with him keeping the beach house while she took the penthouse property in San Myshuno.

We enter our story as Johnny and Ruby have moved into the beach house…