PixelGum TV Community Jargon Buster


We know it’s not easy to walk into a channel and not know what everyone is talking about, so the Pixels thought it would be a good idea to create a PixelGum dictionary just for you. 🙂


  • Apout – “What apout quests” – originates from Dot Dot Dot meme which is Chorna’s favourite video of all time. What we say whenever we want to start a quest in any context
  • Archiebarch – our nickname for Archer, the cat
  • Avocados – our obsession with avocados began with a typo/auto-correct of advocate. Now all PixelGum advocates are called avocados


  • Barbie – used whenever we see pink ink in Splatoon 2. It is also what we type to trigger the Barbie Girl by Aqua sound clip, which Aidan hates
  • Bebeh – “Let the bebeh play!” – whenever DheitiPlays is streaming, he will likely have his baby with him making cute sounds
  • Bean /beaning – another way to say ‘ban’
  • Black belt dolphin pod – what Sakume uses to attack anyone who annoys them. They are far more superior than a dojo full of black belt students
  • Blue ink – when we see blue ink in Splatoon 2, we have to use the !blue sound effect
  • Bonusu – ‘bonus’ cheer from 100% Orange Juice
  • Boosh – a bush in Fortnite
  • Brown – “Does it come in brown” – the question Chorna asks the most in The Sims 4 sessions
  • Bum hunter – has caught on from when Aidan sniped several players in Fortnite on the bottom, which was clipped and titled as such


  • Chborgna – a rather unique spelling of Chorna, thanks to HunterKLewis
  • Chicken Room – HunterKLewis and A_Cosmog loves chickens, so they insist on having a ‘secret chicken room’ in every Sims build
  • Churp – a unique greeting for Zekerov. To be responded with: Zerp
  • Cooking pot dude – what Aidan calls stingers in Salmon Run


  • Dad – the evolution of the “mom” meme. Dad’s saying is “Ink the enemies”
  • Doopi – our word for someone who’s being silly


  • Et / Eatedered – eat


  • Fake Pikachu – Pipi in Tetris
  • Fart Bubble – the name of the webcam bubble on the main screen overlay
  • Fates – mispronunciation of ‘face’. I.e. “in the FACE” becomes “in the FATES”


  • Guaranteed Fail – how we say ‘good luck’ or ‘break a leg’
  • GU GU – the sound Gu makes in Tetris, which Chorna loves


  • Hoe girl – Chorna made a hoe for Eliundar in Eco, now she’s her hoe girl
  • Horrory – the sound effect in Tetris that broke Chorna. We later figured out it’s actually ‘orrery’ which is a model of the solar system
  • Humbility – Aidan’s decided this is a real word. Don’t use this in school. Especially not with finger guns afterwards


  • Ink the base – Eliundar’s advice that we hardly ever follow in Splatoon 2. We’re also the origin of the “Mom says: INK THE BASE” meme
  • Ink the enemies – the evolution of Ink the base meme


  • Keeeyaaa – taken from bad representations of karate in movies, it is customer whenever someone types KEEEYAAA in the chat for everyone in voice chat to say it back


  • Loot each week we change up the loot that people can purchase with their Pixel Credits
  • Lubluuuub – A silly sound Aidan makes when he’s troll-winning


  • Mini Chornas – What Aidan likes to call Small Fry in Splatoon 2
  • Moar flowers – the Pixels always insists on having ‘moar flowers’ in every build/game
  • Mom – is actually Eliundar, our stream and spiritual mother, it also refers to ‘Ink the base’
  • Money – I money you – means “I love you” inspired by the Splatoon 2 Splatfest “Love vs Money”. Also the symbol <$ is for ‘I money you’.


  • Nadia – Aidan spelt backwards… and it’s stuck!
  • Noot noot – a greeting for Nisa, from Pingu


  • Oof – sound of pain


  • Pee – “I just peed myself” – a reference to the time Chorna actually peed herself on stream (while laughing)
  • PI PI PI – the sound Pi makes in Tetris, which Aidan loves
  • Pink ink – if we see pink ink in Splatoon 2 (or anywhere really), we spam the !barbie SFX
  • Pixel – that’s what we call you! 🙂 A fellow Pixel!
  • Poot poot – a fart has occurred
  • Porcelain porker – from Eliundar’s stream, a porcelain porker is a giant pig that has a chicken sitting on its head.


  • Quests – “What apout quests” – what we say whenever we want to start a quest


  • Raidon – alternative name for Aidan
  • Real Wizard, Tyler from this clip
  • Reee – a sound of victory, usually. See also: Tendies
  • Rusk cake – Chorna and Nisa share one thing in common other than games – it’s their love of cake rusk, which they call ‘rusk cake’. They hope to sell samosa and rusk cake in a food truck one day. Maybe


  • Samosa – Chorna loves samosas. Nisa and Chorna hope to sell Samosa and Rusk Cake on a food truck one day. Maybe
  • Shi-ka-ka – a compulsive thing Aidan has to say whenever he’s said “Sakume”
  • Sneka Snek – a steel eel in Splatoon 2
  • Snipsnoop – a sniper, coined by Eliundar
  • Spaktate – spectate… but mispronounced for fun


  • Tendies – we love this meme
  • Tryantly – trying and currently. Thank TheChrysoberylFox
  • Toot toot – a fart has occurred
  • Touch my butt – when the storm is going to catch the players in Fornite, we refer to it as ‘touching my butt’


  • Wosha wosha – a sound to describe being British (it’s not, but it works)


  • Ye / Yee – how Aidan like to say ‘yeah’
  • Yellow ink – we have to use the sound effect !yellow when we see yellow ink in Splatoon 2


  • Zerp – a unique greeting for Zekerov. To be responded with: Churp