PixelGum TV presents: Coffee and Pixels


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Coffee & Pixels is a game streaming show hosted by PixelGum TV co-host Chorna. It streams live from her channel, and PixelGum TV also host it for regular viewers.

It runs every week day except Tuesday, and is aimed at breakfast / lunch time viewers.

The show is a showcase of games she enjoys the most, which tend to revolve around casual / calm and creative simulations, as well as featuring games she has enjoyed in her past.

It’s also set up to be a way for Pixels to tune in and get ready for the day, with great chilled tunes in the background and relaxed family friendly chat.

Featured Games

The Sims 4

Stardew Valley


Escapists 2

Zoo Tycoon 2 – TBC

Birthdays the Beginning – TBC

Viva Pinata – TBC

Subscription Perks

Subscribers to PixelGum TV benefit from perks: you automatically qualifying to join Pixel Town, Chorna’s The Sims 4 world!

When you become a subscriber, she will send you a link to the form where you can specify what you would like your Sim to look like.

When you re-subscribe, you get another chance to add a new Sim to Pixel Town, or you can simply spin the wheel for a chance to get something else.

See the progress here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How come it’s ‘PixelGum TV presents’?

Chorna has always wanted to do her own segment focussed on The Sims 4 and other sandbox games, and this is very much her baby.


What’s the best way to support you?

If you’re enjoying Coffee and Pixels, it’s best to subscribe to the parent channel: PixelGum TV. Or you can send us a direct donation here.

We’re still working on stuff all the time, so do let us know if you decide to support us!