Coffee and Pixels: Subscriber’s List


Hi guys,

Here’s the latest subscriber’s lists and progress:

Lots to build:

The builds will be claimed on a first-come-first-served basis.

  1. Modern home – done
    • Ms Bella Barreta
  2. Undefined house style
    • Mr Pawel Pavlov
  3. Undefined house style
    • Mr Corey Shepphard
  4. Undefined house style
    • Ms Nisa The Meme
  • Chorna’s Build Challenge I – McPoorson’s Legacy
    1. Rags to riches story
      1. Single dad (neat freak)
      2. Estranged wife (slob) – lives in her own apartment
      3. Daughter (teen loves dogs)
      4. Scrappy the dog
    2. Unlimited money
    3. Any size lot
    4. Daughter lives with dad, but is poor
    5. Mum lives alone, and is rich

Long Plays planned:

  1. Pixie & Clyde: The Reboot in Pixel Town
  2. Chorna’s Story Challenge – McPoorsons Legacy
    1. (to be defined)
  3. Suggestions welcome!

Last updated: 18.05.2018

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