Best Practice: Streaming Routine


We’ve all done it – we’re ready to stream, hit the start button and then bam, we realise we forgot something.

Here’s some tips on how to start a stream with the least amount of stress possible!

  1. Update your games in advance
    • Depending on how fast your Internet is, you may wanna start 1hr earlier to do this
  2. Go to your Twitch Dashboard
    • Write a title
    • Select your game, tags etc
    • Update
  3. Open up your OBS
  4. Check your mic is plugged in and unmuted
  5. Check your game is showing up on screen
  6. Message your community that you’re about to start streaming
  7. Hit the start button
  8. Do a quick sound check and video quality check on a separate browser, e.g. your mobile or tablet

When you’re done streaming:

  1. Check your mic is muted
  2. Check you’ve ended stream
  3. Close down OBS