The PixelGum Academy


This is a place we’ve put together where we’ll be sharing our learnings on how to run a Twitch channel and give every Pixel the very best chance to get started.

We’re taking the questions people ask in our Discord server and turning them into fully fledged articles, lessons and templates just for you. So take a look at some of the contents below, and wishing you all the success, fellow Pixel!

Where we’re getting our experience from

Aidan is the technical, digital and business expert. He’s run his own agency for over a decade, developing and working on award-winning websites with web-standard setting code and has self-taught himself everything he knows about coding, 3D, video and more since the dawn of digital media and the mass Internet in the 90s.

Chorna is the marketing and communications expert. She’s worked for major game publishers, and continues to work in the social media world for some of the world’s leading media powerhouses including the BBC and beyond.

Other PixelGum Network members are also welcome to contribute, drawing from their own personal experiences on Twitch and applying cross-discipline skills they’ve acquired.

A note about referencing

We’d love it if you could let the world know about the PixelGum Academy, whether it’s a link back to here from your channel, using the #PixelGumFamily or #PixelGumNetwork tags on social media, or by providing a donation to our channel to support our efforts to make Twitch streaming easy for every PixelGum Family member.

Continue the discussion

You can keep talking to us about your questions in our Discord server.

The PixelGum Family is all about supporting each other to succeed.  So let’s get to it!


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  4. Community
  5. Art & Design
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  6. Games – coming soon
  7. Analytics
    1. Understanding Analytics
    2. Post-Mortems