Game Trailer

Bit Dragon Presents A New Arena Brawler: Hyper Jam

Platforms: One, PS4, Win
Genre: Action

The neon soaked action game you’ve been waiting for, Hyper Jam is an explosive arena brawler with a dynamic perk drafting system. A hard hitting combination of lethal weapons, stackable perks, furious combat and a killer synthwave soundtrack by Carpenter Brut, Dance With The Dead, Meteor and more makes Hyper Jam a multiplayer experience that’ll have you coming back for more.

Furious combat
Annihilate your friends round after round with rocket launchers, crossbows, hammers, katanas and more. The furious tempo of Hyper Jam means you can never stand still! Even once you’re out of a round you can still laser strike the remaining players to finish them off. You get points for dealing damage and killing others, with bonuses for killing the leader and being the last one standing. Once you’re at the score limit you still have to survive one more round to win!

Perk drafting
Perks are central to the gameplay of Hyper Jam. There are over 15 different perks that give you different abilities, combining and amplifying each other.

After every round each player chooses a new perk which stays with them for the rest of the game, stacking and combining with their existing perks to create stronger effects. Whoever’s coming last gets first pick of the perks available for that round, leaving the winning player to make do with whatever’s left.

Dangerous arenas
Hyper Jam isn’t just about the perks. There are also a number of beautiful and dangerous arenas to play on, ranging from a Miami hotel to a Neo-Tokyo subway.

These arenas each have their own unique hazards, from trains that’ll send your friends flying, to pits you’ll love to hate. Knocking someone into a pool with a laser strike is particularly satisfying!

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