Game Trailer

Rainbow Six Siege – New Map: Operation Para Bellum – HD Game Trailer

Platforms: One, PS4, Win
Genre: Action

Beautiful, deadly and designed to offer a competitive showdown. The Villa is the new Rainbow Six Siege map coming with Operation Para Bellum.

Year Three Season Two brings a breath of innovation, spawning a new intel gadget, a Clubhouse map buff, an Echo buff, lots of gameplay fixes, and the Pick & Ban settings.

On the gameplay front, expect a series of enhancements. Developer Ubisoft are adjusting how dropshotting is handled and implementing a new counter defuser animation.

Ubisoft can’t wait to see you perform unprecedented tactics through the Pick & Ban system. This feature provides an extra layer of strategy between teams, as each side tries to counter their opponents’ picks during the banning phase. Ubisoft also anticipate a thrilling twist at the last moment, when teams swap Operators for the unexpected 6th Pick.

Lastly, Ubisoft are releasing our Y3S2 major update: Operation Para Bellum. Two new Defenders are joining Team Rainbow in the most competitive Rainbow Six Siege map to date.

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