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PixelGum Trials Champion – January 2018 – Romeo – Mario Kart 8


It’s with great pleasure that we announce our first PixelGum Trials Champion – Romeo aka Unkown100000!

Romeo had stiff competition from fellow Pixels who joined in, and won by a margin of just a couple of points. You can see the results here.

The Trials were set up with randomly allocated points for first, second, third and fourth places; the idea was that you didn’t get the most points for coming in first (not always, anyway!), and this was to encourage people to participate and not feel pressured to try and come in first place every time.

With that in mind, Romeo and SkyTheKid actually came in with tied points, and a tie-breaker race was needed to decide who got the trophy.

As soon as we announced Romeo as the winner, Aidan got busy rendering a 3D chibi version of Romeo, who now adorns our Trials page as January 2018’s winner! Plus, anyone who’s signed up to our monthly newsletter mailing list will know that we have given away a very high resolution desktop wallpaper for subscribers and followers to enjoy.

February’s PixelGum Trial is coming up soon – will we see you there? Maybe you’ll be our next Champion and we’ll be adding you to the Trials wall!

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