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PixelGum Trials Champion – February 2018 – BobMiniJr – Splatoon 2


What a great event, and thank you to every single Pixel who showed up for our second PixelGum Trial. We got a great turn out and a bunch of new followers thanks to the event – we’re glad you were enjoying yourselves! Well done on the amazing efforts put in by everyone and the excellent sportsmanship displayed by everyone.

Without further ado, we’re proud to announce the winners as follows:

4th Place – RJ – well done!

3rd Place – Sakume – well done!

2nd Place – ADondaBombYT – well done!

1st Place – BobMiniJr – well done!

You can see the full results here.

BobMiniJr is going to get their likeness turned into a chibi form which will feature in the image above, and subscribers to our monthly email newsletter will get a free copy of it, too! It will take Aidan a few days to make and he’s going to reach out to BobMiniJr to sort out the chibi render.

Plus, for those who took part in the chat quiz, which is just for fun for people who can’t participate in the game itself, we have the following results:

4th Place: Unknown100000 – 23 / 53 – well done!

3rd Place: Pixel_Abbey – 24 / 53 – well done!

Joint 2nd Place: Dj_Coastal – 25 / 53 – well done!

Join 2nd Place: a_cosmog – 25 / 53 – well done!

1st Place: Jared838 – 28 / 53 – congratulations!

If you didn’t get to take part but just wanna do the quiz for funsies, you can still try it out here.

The vote for March’s PixelGum Trial is up, so get voting and we’ll let you know the full details closer to the date. 🙂


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