Game Trailer

Party Hard 2 – Out Now

Platform: Win
Genre: Action

Stop the next door party while uncovering an underground cartel and saving the world from aliens.

You got fired. The only logical thing to do is to crash the corporate party, and stop it by any means. Your trusty knife and mask will help. Welcome to Party Hard 2, the mad sequel to 2015’s Stealth Strategy hit.

Party Hard 2 features a brand new character who gets caught up in a no-christmas-bonus situation. The only logical thing to do is to go on a killing spree at the corporate party.

A brand new 3D graphics engine allows for many more gameplay mechanics previously impossible in the game.

Party Hard 2 is out now, featuring 12 brand new levels rendered in a new engine, and a story centered around the interview with Darius’ therapist. Stop the party by any means in this Stealth Strategy game!

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