Game Trailer

Hitman 2 – The Briefcase

Platforms: One, PS4, Win
Genre: Action

Agent 47’s briefcase returns in Hitman 2. Not only can it help you smuggle nearly any item into restricted areas, it can also be used to distract or incapacitate your enemies.

Brand New Sandbox Locations To Explore
HITMAN 2 brings you 6 brand new sandbox locations to plan out the perfect assassination. Hugely complex environments provide you with endless opportunities to take out your targets in creative ways.

Make The World Your Weapon
Only in HITMAN can you use everything in your environment to help plan and execute the perfect assassination. Use stealth, sabotage and everything in between to turn your creativity into a deadly weapon.

A World of Assassination
HITMAN 2 not only includes a brand new campaign, but also new missions, the high-stakes Elusive Targets and more free live content that gives you new ways to test your killer creativity.

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