Game Trailer

Dragon’s Crown Pro – HD Launch Trailer

Platform: PS4
Genres: Action, RPG

Watch the team at Sony’s official Playstation Underground magazine play 24 minutes of Dragon’s Crown Pro in 4K resolution on PlayStation 4 Pro!

Game Overview
The most beautiful 2D action RPG in history, which enchanted over a million adventurers on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, is journeying to the PlayStation 4!

Story Details
Regardless if magic or steel is your fancy, Dragon’s Crown Pro offers a variety of ranged and close combat options for this classic, side scrolling, beat ‘em up. Band together, or journey solo, as one of six playable classes and explore a winding dungeon with new adventures at every turn.

Gameplay Details
With refined, painted artwork and 4K compatibility, exploring dungeons and battling dragons has never looked so spellbinding. The soundtrack of swords and sorcery has also been revamped and re-recorded by a live orchestra. These improvements and more are conjuring a new era of high-fantasy adventure!

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